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  • This free guide will give you a glimpse into the world of high-paying clients, powerful marketing strategies, and effective lead nurturing techniques.

  • Discover how to develop a high ticket mindset, create irresistible offers, dominate your market, and build long-term client relationships.

  • With this blueprint, you'll have the foundation you need to launch and revolutionize your coaching or consulting business.

Updated: March, 2023

Fellow Consultant,

Are you tired of working for someone else and want to start your own business?

Do you have a skill set that you believe others can benefit from?

Are you interested in becoming a consultant but don't know where to start?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then "The Consulting Formula Blueprint" is for you!

This comprehensive guide is designed to help you start your own consulting business in just 28 days, regardless of your previous entrepreneurial experience.

With this free report, you'll gain access to a step-by-step blueprint that outlines the critical steps to starting a successful consulting business from scratch.

Here are just a few of the things you'll discover in "The Consulting Formula Blueprint":

1. How to identify your niche and target market, so you can position yourself as an expert in your field.

2. The top mistakes to avoid when starting a consulting business, so you can save time and money.

3. The key components of a winning consulting offer, so you can attract high-paying clients.

4. How to set up your business structure and operations, so you can run your business efficiently.

5. Strategies for marketing your consulting services, so you can attract a steady stream of clients.

6. Tips for pricing your services, so you can maximize your profits.

7. How to create systems and processes to streamline your business, so you can focus on what you do best.

8. And much more!

"The Consulting Formula Blueprint" is the ultimate guide for anyone who wants to start a consulting business and succeed.

Whether you're a coach, a freelancer, a trainer, or an expert in any field, this report will give you the tools and strategies you need to turn your skills into a profitable business.

And the best part?

This report is completely free!

So what are you waiting for?

Download "The Consulting Formula Blueprint" today and start your journey to becoming a successful consultant!


The Consulting Formula Team

"Learn How to Build a Highly Profitable, Semi-Automated Consulting Business..."

Unleash the beast within and become a high-ticket consultant with the ability to grant your clients' wishes:

  • Develop marketing systems that attract more clients, increase your fees, and win more proposals.

  • You'll learn the most effective marketing strategies and techniques that you can use to stand out from the competition and grow your business.

  • Discover the secrets to dominating your market with effective advertising strategies

  • The most effective ways to advertise your services and reach your target audience. You'll also learn how to create compelling ads that will capture their attention and convince them to choose you over your competitors.

  • Deliver results that exceed expectations

  • Delivering exceptional service to your clients and exceeding their expectations. You'll also learn how to identify areas for improvement and make adjustments to your approach to continuously deliver exceptional results.

  • Gain a high ticket mindset and create offers that attract high-paying clients.

  • Discover the strategies and techniques that successful consultants use to create offers that appeal to their target market and convince them to pay a premium price for their services.

  • Nurture leads like a magician, and mastering the art of high ticket sales

  • Techniques for building relationships with potential clients and convincing them to choose you for their consulting needs. You'll also learn how to close high ticket sales and make the most out of each opportunity.

  • Maintain long-term client relationship

  • Techniques for building strong relationships with your clients and keeping them engaged with your services. You'll also learn how to identify opportunities for upselling and cross-selling to increase revenue from existing clients.

This FREE REPORT is ideal for any business that is based on expertise, and anyone who offers their knowledge, skills, or experience to help others.


  • This is for anyone who has expertise in a certain field and is ready to become a consultant but doesn't know where to start. It doesn't matter if you're a coach, consultant, or any other kind of expert

  • Coaches who don't want to rely on word-of-mouth and networking events to find their next client

  • Experienced service providers who know the basics, but want to uncover "golden nugget" tactics that will accelerate their results

  • Or maybe you're just starting out and need guidance to launch your business into the stratosphere.

  • As long as you're willing to put in the work to develop your marketing systems and revolutionize your business, we're here to help you reach your goals. So come on board and let's soar to new heights together!


  • Local brick and mortar businesses.

  • Someone who is just dabbling in marketing and doesn't see the value of investing as a way to grow their knowledge, skills, and sales. This is geared towards individuals who are passionate about growing their knowledge & skills in the online space.

  • Someone who believes they will instantly have a 6 or 7 figure business. If you're looking for a get-rich-quick scheme, this isn't it. The Consulting Formula is not for those who expect instant results without putting in the hard work and effort required to build a successful coaching or consulting business. If you're not serious about investing in yourself and your business, this may not be the right fit for you.


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